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We understand that there is no one single “type” of substance-using person; there is no truth in stereotypes. Chronic substance use and addiction come from many things:






However, regardless of where it may have begun, it all leads to pain, despair, sickness, and shame.  All too often it leads to death.   

--It does not lead to healthy parenting.

Intelligent people may argue that addiction is a matter of personal responsibility.  We argue that any sense of personal responsibility has long since been destroyed by the disease of addiction. 


Without the focused assistance of others, addiction is an all too powerful opponent.  We know, however, that with such assistance, support and care it can be overcome.  The Center is devoted to being a part of this solution. 



We believe that whenever possible, an infant’s biologic mother is the best mother for her child.  We also know that, sometimes, this is not possible. 


In the circumstances where a mother’s substance use disease is so severe, is so uncontrolled as to be a danger to her newborn child, then that child needs to be parented outside of her care. 


Such a situation is far from hopeless, however. Reunification is a real and potent option.  It may serve as the ultimate incentive for a substance free existence.


We exist so that our community can become better at caring for this complex group of women and children.  By doing so, we can assure that the children of substance-dependent mothers can live life as normally as possible.  They can do so in a healthy and well-cared-for manner.  To do so allows them to be far less likely to fall victim to the tragedy of addiction themselves.

It is for the children; it is always about the children.

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