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Alaska Center for Substance Use in Pregnancy and the Newborn, Inc

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Our Mission

The Alaska Center for Substance Use in Pregnancy and the Newborn was created to directly improve the life, pregnancy, and well-being of expectant mothers who suffer from substance use.

Additionally, the Center is devoted to caring for the substance-exposed infant both before, and after delivery.


Our fundamental mission is to help mothers have the healthiest possible pregnancy, to spare their newborn the pain and trauma of substance withdrawal, and to advance their collective futures as a family.   


​Through unique and focused medical knowledge along with hard-won experience, we can make meaningful impacts upon a child’s future as well as the health of the entire family.   

​The Center can accomplish this through the sharing of knowledge, developing modern, evidenced-based practice models, and by overcoming the many impediments to care which mothers with substance use issues routinely experience.

Everything is possible.

What we do

Science                   Education                  Humanity

Institutional Education

The Center provides targeted institutional education specific to perinatal substance use; prevention, identification, reduction, and treatment.

The Center promotes a strategy of compassionate, non-pharmacologic care for infants experiencing substance withdrawal.  Through an aggressive understanding of neonatal withdrawal and best evidence-based practices, we are able to educate providers on how to best address this complex process. 

However, the use of these practices are sometimes insufficient alone.  As such, we have developed protocols for the pharmacologic treatment of infant withdrawal.  Most importantly, we can educate providers on the recognition of this very fine line between successful and failing treatments and when an escalation of care is needed.


Community Support

Beyond the conventional

The Center will engage with any group or organization which has an interest in helping these vulnerable persons.  We are able to provide educational presentations to and throughout our local communities.  We do so for the purposes of raising awareness, building partnerships, and providing resources.


"Success is not final, failure is not fatal; It is the courage to continue that counts"

Winston Churchill

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